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  Northwest Reclamation is a family owned and operated lead metal reclamation business based in Kalispell Montana.

  The scope of our work includes Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clay ranges.  We can provide all necessary steps in reclaiming your club's lead and provide you or the smelter with the cleanest lead possible. Why pay to ship rocks to the smelter or spend time picking them out if you shoot reclaimed. The smelter knows from our record what we produce and will pay more for our product. We were getting as high as 0.92 cents per pound for our lead last summer. 

  We certainly know how expensive shooting sports are and take pride in providing a clean, cheap source of reclaimed lead shot for shooters to enjoy and save money so more time is spent shooting at your club. 

  Does you lead land on a steep slope, in a gully, ravine or anywhere in between?  No worries, we can virtually  operate under most any conditions and will not disturb club operation during our mining process.

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  Call us and we would love to come see your club.

Jay Brown: (406) 261-5199
Sam Brown: (406) 871-1380
Dan Brown: (406) 871-3023
1535 Foys Lake Rd.
Kalispell, MT 59901

Dozing 3 inches off the fall zone
Livingston, Montana Trap Club and mined hillside
Screen plant and process and cleaning equipment

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